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If it’s September, it must be conference time…

If it’s September, it must be conference time…

It’s that time of year when party conferences are to the fore and Brighton welcomes the Labour Party again, great news for the City. For some reason someone at the Council managed to offend the Conservatives and so we haven’t seen them in Brighton for some time. This is rather a shame as Labour and the Conservatives are the only two parties that really fill up the City, and when I say that, I mean fill up all the hotels including us and our neighbouring hotels in the Kemp Town district of Brighton. Brighton is always a great venue for conferences and there is something about the sea and a horizon which refreshes everyone – although previous Labour leader Neil Kinnock got slightly more refreshed than expected when he tripped on the beach pebbles many years ago – here’s the classic moment again to refresh your memory!

Labour was here four years ago under Ed Miliband and two years ago when Jeremy Corbyn was first elected and there was a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation amongst people who stayed with us at LimeHouse. They couldn’t wait to get out in the morning so as not to miss anything at conference – or it may have been the free breakfasts being offered by many of the sponsors! We even had Tristram Hunt staying at LimeHouse although he has now moved to pastures new.

So what to expect this year? Jeremy Corbyn has defied all expectations and almost led his party to victory at the general Election, He has certainly captured the younger vote with many popular policies and his apparently easy going manner makes him more approachable. But with popularity and success comes scrutiny and I expect his policies and how they will be funded to come under close examination. Not least where they stand on Brexit as recent announcements seem to be going against the referendum vote. So it will be good for Brighton as the eyes of the UK, and Europe and the rest of the world, focus very carefully on what the man and his party have to say as they may be dealing with them in the future. It will also remind people of what a beautiful and welcoming city Brighton is. So as long as the sun shines, expect lots of shots of the beach, pier and i360 with artificially linked people or articles. Indeed, some MPs might even try the new Zip wire.

Holiday in Brighton

Whatever, it is always a fun time and the sea air seems to bring the best out of people. So come on you Tories, time to give us another try.