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East Brighton Seafront…improvements at last

East Brighton Seafront…improvements at last

Whilst it is always great to see investment in new buildings and projects taking place in Brighton, they always seem to be happening to the west of the Brighton Palace Pier and the Eastern side and Kemp Town often appear to be overlooked. So we have the i360, the rebuilding of the Victorian shelter hall on the seafront and, as part of the regeneration of the seafront, the recently created retail spaces beneath the old arches around West Pier. All very much welcomed and huge investment from the Council but all west of the Pier. Our side has been forgotten.


Garden sea views from LimeHouse Brighton

East Brighton seafront views from LimeHouse


But maybe times are changing. At last there would appear to be a plan to try and save the Madeira Terrace lining the seafront between the Pier and the Marina. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise funds to restore a small section of the arches. The Council aims to raise £432,000 in four months after putting in £100,000 itself to get the ball rolling. Once the target is achieved, it will hopefully help kick start a much wider project. The campaign aims to restore at least three arches but it will also help show how all 151 arches could look and provide a strong mandate for future funding applications.

The other big news is Brighton Zip is now open. Created on the site where the Brighton Wheel used to be (just visible in the picture above), Brighton Zip is the longest and fastest zip wire on the South Coast. Climb up the spiral staircase of the tower until you are 32 metres above sea level. And then whizz down one of the two 300 metre zip wires. This video gives you a good idea of the experience.



The brave-hearted might want to do the double and try the 24 metre drop zone experience. You can also come back gently to earth with a rewarding gourmet burger or an ice-cream in their new cafe.

So hopefully these two initiatives are just the start and will become the catalyst for the regeneration of the rather forgotten eastern side of Brighton’s famous seafront.